Cara Kerja ZUBITS™


Your Shoes, Our Zubits

Start with your shoes, pull three rows of shoelaces out, then lace our Zubits closures onto your shoes.  (Installation Instructions)  Your shoes just got insanely easy!  No tying, no squeezing, no knots, no floppy bows, no coming undone. Just step into the wide opening and pull the magnets together.  Our magnets have unique engineering that makes them incredibly strong.  When you want to take your shoes off, just step on your heel and pop out hands-free.  You can also twist the magnets to easily separate them by hand.

How can Zubits closures stay on when I run, yet be so easy to take off?

First of all Zubits magnetic closures are uniquely engineered to be incredibly strong for their size. But furthermore, consider that even when your regular shoelaces are double-knotted, you can still step on your heel and squeeze out of your shoes because this action generates a lot of force. These forces are not present when you run, which is why your shoes stay on. In the same way, Zubits™ are strong enough to hold your shoe secure while running and jumping, but they will split open when you step on your heel because that generates a lot of force. Furthermore, Zubits come in three strengths to match your size and intended use.